Work Study Program

Our students are offered opportunities to explore different vocational settings that best meet their needs and the needs of the worksite. 

Work Study Directory

All Souls Soup Kitchen

1157 Lexington Ave.                       New York, NY 10021

Autism Speaks

1 E. 33rd St., 4th Floor                    New York, NY 11215

Association to Benefit Children 

1841 Park Ave.                               New York, NY 10035

Costco - East River Plaza                            

517 E. 117th St.                                   New York, NY 10035

CVS Pharmacy - Store #2737

105 W. 125th St.                                   New York, NY 10027

CVS Pharmacy - Store #3224

130 Lenox Ave.                              New York, NY 10026

Food Pantry of West Harlem

252 W. 116th St.                            New York, NY 10026

Greater Harlem Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center

30 W. 138th St.                                    New York, NY 10037

Home Goods

795 Columbus Ave.                              New York, NY 10025


159 E. 125th St.                                        New York, NY 10035

Marshall's - 125th St.

125 W. 125th St.                                  New York, NY 10027

Marshall's - East River Plaza

517 E. 117th St., Suite 401                     New York, NY 10035

Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

100 Gold St., 2nd Floor                         New York, NY 10038

Metropolitian Hospital

1901 1st Ave., Room 4M13                   New York, NY 10029


21 E. 118th St.                                      New York, NY 10035

Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center

1249 5th Ave.                                        New York, NY 10029

TJ Maxx

808 Columbus Ave.                                New York, NY 10025

Wild Olive Market

10 E. 125th St.                                       New York, NY 10035

Community Interest

We are continuely looking to expand PS 79M's Work Study Program.  If you are a business owner, worker, or liasion in the community and you own or know of an excellent potential worksite for our students to gain vocational training at please read through the following attached documents. 

Overview of P79M/Dr. Horan Work Study Program

P79M is a self contained special education high school that serves students with special needs.  Our mission is to provide quality instructional programs to all our students by combining traditional methods with adaptations and modifications.  Our focus is to develop students' academic, vocational, communication and social skills to the fullest extent possible to enable to enjoy improved life outcomes as productive members of society.  

The Work Study Program is one way in which traditional methods are blended with a functional curriculum to provide hands-on training and mastery of actual skills needed for successful employment and transition to adulthood.

The Work Study Program consists of the School Based Career Training Program and the Community Work Based Learning Options.  The School Based Career Training Program takes place in the school building and helps students learn and develop basic to intermediate work readiness and independent living skills.  Students also get an opportunity to explore different career options in their field of study.  The School Based Career Training Programs are: Culinary Arts Program, Building and Maintenance Program, Clerical, Printing and Technology Program, and the Mail Room Program.  

The Community Work Based Learning Options take place in the community at various businesses and organizations that have partnered with the school to give our students the opportunity to gain mastery in the skills needed to gain employment in a particular career field and develop universal work readiness skills.  A list of our current community partners is listed under the Work Study Directory.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child have to participate in the Work Study Program?

Your child does not have to participate in the Work Study Program.  However, it is highly recommended that your child participate because he/she will be able to learn life and employment skills that will help him/her in the future.

Is my permission needed for my child to participate in the Work Study Program?

Yes.  Permission slips are sent home before the start of the work study.

How are students assigned to worksites?

Students are assigned to worksites based on age, abilities, career goals and preferences.  Assignments are also made on worksites' space availability.  

How often does my child go to the worksite?

The worksite schedule varies basd on the different worksites' needs.  Students may be at a worksite one day a week or up to five days a week.  

Does my child get paid for paricipating in the Work Study Program? 

Students that participate in the Work Study Program will receive a stipend.  Stipends are disributed, once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester.  

Will participation in the Work Study Program affect my child's Social Security benefits?

Students' Social Security benefits are not affected.  Under the SSI Student Earned Income Exclusion Program, students can earn up to $6840.00 per year before deductions are taken from Social Security benefits.  

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