Transition Services at PS 79M

Transition is an ongoing, multifaceted process and at PS 79M we are committed to providing our students with comprehensive transition planning the moment that he/she becomes a member of our school community.  Students and their parents are provided with ongoing support from all staff not only in the area of their education, but also in the area of community and external agency supports.

Planning for student outcomes begins with the IEP process.  Students, parents, and classroom teachers complete the Level I Vocational Assessments and the information contianed in thsoe assessments forms the basis of the IEP.  Representivites from external service agencies are invited to join in the planning process.

If the student has no service agency linkage, the team (including the Transition Coordinator, IEP Coordinator, teacher, and related service providers) works together to ensure that those supports are provided if needed or desired by student and parent. Such supports include Medicaid Service Coordination, guardianship information, benefits (e.g. Medicaid and SSI), resite, etc.

Additionally, parents and students are provided with ongoing information regarding transition.  That information is provided via workshops and tours of adult service agencies in order to give students and parents an opportunity to make informed choices for their future.  As graduation nears, arrangements are made for evaluations to be done, parents are invited to speak to agency representitives at the Student Information Package Exchange, and applications to appropriate agencies are submitted.  Follow up with agencies is ongoing, and all students leave the school with a comprehensive Exit Summary.  At PS 79M, our ultimate goal is to provide our students with optimal postgraduate outcomes.  

For more information on the IEP process and the contimuum of services offered by the State of New York Board of Education and the New York City Department of Education please refer to the link below.  

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