Creating a 21st Century Learning Environment

Technology @ PS 079M!


Here at PS 79M/ Dr. Edmund Horan School we have been pushing forward in our school community to create a 21st century learning environment.

As a recent recipient of the Resolution "A" Funds (RESO-A) we have placed several new editions to our school community that increase student learning through the mode of technology.  We have updated our current computer lab with 12 new student computers and a server.  We created two more computer labs in our 12:1:4 student population.  The tables which were selected for the computer labs even have adjustable tables so a student in a wheel chair can easily access the computer stations.  We added two new mobile computer labs to our inventory and we placed 11 new wall mounted SMART Boards throughout classrooms in the building and even purchased two new Satalight SMART Boards from Tequipment.  Along with the addition of SMART Boards, we have also placed new computers in some of our classrooms to create a "mini" computer/technology station within the classroom.  The RESO-A Funds has helped to propel our school toward a goal of combining technology and instruction with meaningful purpose in every classroom.

Another recent addition to our school community is the introduction of iPads to the classroom.  Each classroom has access to the iPad for instructional purposes.  Some uses include: academics, helping students increase their fine/gross motor skills, sensory, communication, and reward or motivation.  One of the most widely used apps on the iPad is our communication app Proloquo2Go.  This app has allowed students who are non verbal, communicate their feelings, wants, and express themselves through the power of technology.  

Our school has moved to the digital age of getting messages out and across to visitors to our school and the community members within our school.  We have a new digital sign outside the main office, that is updated with important daily messages for everyone entering our community.  

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