PBIS at PS 79M!

Take a look at how are students are a part of the T.E.A.M.

PBIS and what it all means!

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.    A universal school-wide PBIS program provides staff with a set of strategies to increase the capacity of a school to educate all students by reducing problem behaviors and disruptions, as well as to create a more positive school climate.  School-wide PBIS programs define and teach expectations, monitor behaviors, provide a universal continuum of consequences to correct behaviors and provide staff with a framework of rewards to use when students meet expectations.

PBIS programs follow a Response to Intervention (RTI) model.  There are universal interventions which impact at least 80-90% of students in a building.  The next level of interventions are called secondary or targeted interventions which impact 5-10% of students in a building.  The highest level of interventions are the tertiary or intensive interventions.  These are interventions that only about 1-5% of the students in the building require.


Points and Student Store!

Each day, students will be able to earn up to 80 points, 10 points per period.  They can earn points for following  directions, listening when others are talking, doing their homework, using appropriate language, staying in location, among other things.  Teachers and Educational Assistants help the students to keep track of their points.

Each point equals one cent.  The maximum number of points a student can earn in one week is 400, or $4.00.  At the end of the month. students have the opportunity to go to the school store and purchase items with the money earned from their points.  

In order to attend special events such as school dances and talent shows, students must have at least 75% of the total points for the previous month.

Students can also earn the right to use a hall pass based on their points.    

Who Benefits from a School-wide PBIS Program?

The entire school community benefits from the implementation of a school-wide PBIS program.


  • Identify and understand behavioral expectations.
  • Are provided with rewards which increase motivation to engage in positive behavior.


  • Community building.
  • Uniform reward system/ consequence system.


  • Provides a uniform framework that supports positive behavior and promotes academic success.

T.E.A.M. Expectations!

To be a T.E.A.M. member in PS 79M's school community you must be able to be: 


Exhibit Safety 


Mutual Respect 

The four main areas in the where a student should be demonstrating their T.E.A.M. expectations are: Bathroom, Cafeteria, Classroom, and Hallway.

PS 79M's "Gotcha" System!

The "Gotcha" System is in place to spontaneously acknowledge students who are behaving appropriately.  When we acknowledge what students are already doing right, we encourage them to continue this behavior.  It also demonstrates to students who may be seeking attention by acting out, that they are able to get positive attention by doing the right thing.  

All staff members are provided each month with 10 "Gotcha" tickets.  When a staff member sees a student exhibiting a behavior off the T.E.A.M. Matrix, they may give the student a "Gotcha" ticket.  The student will turn the ticket into a box in the main office to be entered into a drawing held every Friday.

During the drawing on Friday, students who have turned in their tickets for the week, may hear their name called over the loud speaker and get to claim a small reward!  At the end of the month, students who have the most "Gotcha" tickets will receive a "Student of the Month" certificate, a letter home to their parents/guardian, and another choice of small reward!  

There will be a "Gotcha" wall to display all "Gotcha" tickets turned in.  Each month the colors of the tickets will change, this will create a visual progress of the "Gotcha" System.  

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