After School Programs

Here at PS 79M, we continue to encourage our students and engage them in learning opportunities which take place after school. 

Title III After School Program:

Title III is a part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  It is specifically targeted to benefit Limited English Proficient (LEP) children and immigrant youth.  Title III funding is used to further develop language instruction courses that help LEP students meet academic standards.  Our Title III after school program runs two days a week and focuses on utilizing scaffolding techiques, which are a crucial part of ELL instruction, to facilitate and improve language acquisition and communication skills that are tied to the transition goals set for our students.  These techniques include modeling, bridging, contextualization, schema building and metacognition.

For our Title III program that ran during the Spring of 2012, we addressed the skills of reading and writing and sub skills of reading comprehension, development, organization and language use.  In to adress these significant areas of need with our target population and in conjuntion with preparing them for transistion (Indicator 13), we utilized a Project Based Learning culinary experience that was specifically developed to emphasize learning activities that were long term, interdisciplinary, student centered and integrated with real world issues and practices.  Infused with technology, this program encouraged students to widen their personal interests in the culinary field and gain knowledge they can utilize for their transition into post graduate placement and independent living.  

CHAMPS Program:

The CHAMPS sport and fitness league is an initiative of the NYCDOE that promotes physical activity among children.  The name CHAMPS derives from the intial five values that define our participants: Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Modivaed, and Positive Students.

CHAMPS was introduced as a pilot program in 50 middle schools in the spring of the 2003-04 school year. In addition to launching the pilot, the Department of Education hosted the first-ever citywide middle school basketball tournament and a fitness festival in Central Park for more than 1,200 students. The success of the pilot, the tournament and the festival prompted the implementation of CHAMPS as a two-season program (winter and spring) in the 2004-05 school year. A fall season was added the following school year. Since its inception, CHAMPS has grown to approximately 1000 programs in over 200 middle schools. To ensure quality, CHAMPS offers professional development each year for teacher-coaches. 

CHAMPS provides schools with resources to offer sports and fitness programs outside of school hours.  CHAMPS programs are administered in three seasons- fall, winter, and spring- through the Office of School Wellness Programs.  Principals can choose from a diverse pool of activities- from traditional sports such as basketball and tennis, to non-traditional sports like golf and badminton, to fitness activities like yoga and running.  

Hip Hop 4 Life Program:

Hip Hop 4 Life is youth development program being introduced to our students for the 2012-2013 school year.  It will take place not after school, but on Friday afternoons as a club for 50 slected students to partake in.  25 female and 25 male students will be divided up into two groups: Shades of Beauty for females and Man UP! for males.  

Hip Hop 4 Life is a 501c3 non-profit organization and a champion of positive youth development and empowerment.  Their mission is to provide interactive life skills training and health awaremenss programs designed to engage, educate, and empower young people to lead extraordinary lives.  This is done via their Empowerment Team, Youth Development, and Community Outreach programs.  Since their inception in 2003, Hip Hop 4 Life has served over 10,000 young people in New York City and across the nation.  

Hip Hop 4 Life's teaching artists are responsible for adhering to and promoting our four-pillar approach:

Engage: Create a confortable and inviting atmosphere that follows for an open and honest dialogue and fosters a fun and educational enviroment.  

Educate: Provide life skills training and health awareness education via a curricula infused with dialogue, educational information, handouts, personal stories/testimonals, behavioral tools, training, and inquistive, thought-provoking conversation.  Program clubs are comprised of hands on interactive rap sessions, community service, guest speakers, skill-building workshops, writing and literacy, empowerment projects, and incentive-based activities.

Empower: Empower young people through the accomplishment of individual club goals.  

Evaluate: Assess the effectiveness of the club via youth-led presentations and service projects throughout the duration of the program, and a cumulating presentation or activity at the close of the program.  Pre- and post-program surveys will be distributed to students.  

Through both groups, Shades of Beauty and Man UP!, students will be working on: self confidence skills, healthy relationships, anti-bullying, sexuality issues, grooming and hygiene, conflict resolution, health and wellness, and substance/alcohol abuse, and many more topics.  At the end of the program there will be an event in which all schools in District 75 particiapting in the Hip Hop 4 Life program will be invited to attend, interact, and perform.  

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